How to turn your pain into purpose

Pain can be defined as a highly unpleasant physical or emotional experience caused by illness, injury, or psychological torture. To heal from pain may take some time after getting relief. It may be in form of medicine to cure a headache or a surgery to stop the pain. You may need therapy to heal an emotional pain, counseling, or even confiding in a friend about the pain you feel may give you the healing you deserve. Regardless of the remedy to pain, healing takes time. Naruto Shippuden said,” sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain because life’s greatest lessons are learned through pain”

Relief from pain can be a learning experience for many people. One should remember that they are not the only ones going through this pain and this is at often exposed to the victim during that trying period. One may meet people experiencing the same pain as his or hers. One might meet people battling a chronic illness that has caused them so much pain, and this is reassuring that they are not alone in the struggle. It may be a rehabilitation group of people struggling from the pain of addiction. Through communication, one may learn of other people managing his kind of pain. Knowing that so many people are battling and managing a certain type of pain, healing from it can ignite Purpose to help those who are also going through the same experience.

How you deal with pain determines who you become. It may have been a rape, The list is endless: heartbreak, betrayal, rejection, accident, and chronic illness. Nelson Mandela turned the pain of his fellow Black south Africans’ who were discriminated against into freedom for all. President Museveni says he brought peace to Uganda to save people from the Turbulent past leaders that presided over him and that was his purpose. Martin Luther King turned his pain for black discrimination in the United States into a purposeful civil rights movement. Many Pain victims have started up NGOs to combat chronic illnesses that they have suffered or been affected by someone close to them, and that’s the meaning of turning pain into Purpose explained in different steps as shown below:

Be optimistic
Allow yourself to have hope that this pain is short-lived and that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. This hope will be the flickering light that will illuminate your way in the dark tunnel of healing from the pain. Religiously find the good in your situation and turn it into Gold. A Father to my friend got a fractured leg from an accident. He later contested to lead the disabled and is now the Member of Parliament for the disabled. Religiously, its believed that everything happens for a reason, so find the good in that situation, and you will find purpose in pain

Recognize the experience
The only way to purpose from pain is to recognize it. don’t take it lightly. Let it not be just another day that you will forget tomorrow, its true some wounds will never heal. The trauma of the experience is unforgivable and unforgettable, but recognizing it through a record may help you purpose from it. You may write a best seller on how you overcame the psychological trauma of rape, how you turned your painful divorce experience into a counseling agency.This recognition will help you rejuvenate the emotional gymnastics you overcame, which can be put to record.

Set the line between Pain and Purpose
‘Even if you are not ready for the day. It won’t always be night’. Learn to forgive the cause of the pain, and such is when you will be able to focus on purpose. Even though the painful experience will be why you have a goal don’t envision revenge .Nelson Mandela had an option of punishing all those who mistreated him during his 27 years in prison, but he chose peace when he was elected president since the purpose for his pain had been achieved.

Trust yourself to make it,
Many people have gone through what you are experiencing but are too timid to let it out. Be the voice of the voiceless. People are struggling with addictions and you overcame it, Be confident that you will be heard and appreciated when you come out and talk about your pain. In Uganda, during the 1980s, many people succumbed to HIV Aids, and since it was a new disease, many ignorantly thought it was witchcraft. Others would rather die than disclose they had been infected, but Philly Bongole Lutaaya, a traveled Musician at the time was the first Ugandan to come out and announce that he had been infected. His purpose was to end the stigma among the population. Up to today, he is remembered as the icon for HIV standup. His songs are the emblem of AIDS organizations in the country, so trust in yourself to make it when your purpose is key.

Drop the excess baggage and Live for the future.
Getting over a heartbreak is almost impossible. Not to mention divorce or the loss of a loved one. The pain is a lot, but you can’t always live in the past. Stand right up with head high and look to that flimsy light at the end of the tunnel called future, then walk majestically towards it; only then will you find purpose through moving on. The pain lingers, but tomorrow should be another day

In a nutshell, most of the world’s successful people and innovation projects have been inspired by pain. For instance, the United Nations was inspired by the pain of the world war 1945, and TASO in Uganda was inspired by the pain of people who had lost loved ones. The automobile invented in 1886 by Karl Benz to reduce the pain of long walks, to name but a few. Do not brush off the hard times. It may change the life of someone when you least expect it.

Herman Kariuki
Herman Kariuki
Herman Kariuki is an internet marketing genius, specializing in growth hacking and untraditional marketing strategies. He has helped more than 3,000 clients scale their personal brands and businesses with his agency Khermani Media, assisting them with lead generation, social growth, and press in top publications. Herman has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on digital advertising, allowing him and his clients to truly thrive within the online space.

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