Herman Kariuki Breaks Down the Art of Building Long-lasting Relationships With Clients

For any business to succeed, it needs to have a solid clientele base to compete effectively with other established corporations. Most managers and other individuals in top positions apply a wide array of techniques in attempt to help their organizations control the largest market share. However, many brands fail to penetrate various markets since their leaders do not implement policies to improve their relationships with customers. Herman Kariuki is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs since he values his customers. As a B.S in Business Information Technology graduate, he understands that focusing on customer needs helps firms build their brand image because quality service plays a significant role in generating positive client reviews.

If you are a startup or your business is facing some issues that negatively affects your customer reviews, wary not since Herman helps people like you fix their corporate challenges, expand their businesses, and explore new markets. Herman Kariuki is experienced in building customer relations since he has helped various companies, ranging from small-sized firms to multi-national corporations, achieve their goals.

Techniques to build long-lasting relationships

In business, money cannot buy relationships or change how people view your company. Forming good relationships is essential since it helps you identify customer expectations and areas that need improvement. Herman highlights that if you are a marketer or businessman, you need to employ various techniques to connect your customer to your business emotionally. The entrepreneur emphasizes that you should employ the following customer Relationship Management Model elements to build your business empire.

1.     Awareness

Prospects need to understand the unique selling point of your brand so that they can make purchases. The information age gives you various tools which can help create brand awareness. Some tools that are at your disposal include social media, print media, and ads. Although various forms of media need significant investment to reach a large audience, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are cost effective and can help you reach the target population with ease. Herman Kariuki leverages the power of digital media by helping firms create awareness with the help of key influencers such as celebrities.

2.     Discovery

Customers have various needs and businesses need to know what their clients want so that they can customize their products to fulfil different consumers’ requirements. Herman notes that most businesses have different types of consumers and the needs of each category tend to vary depending on age, gender, and social class. It is important to discover the features that each customer category needs to maximize their satisfaction levels.

3.     Evaluation

Although having a product that meets industry standards satisfies most business people, it is essential to look at customer reviews. Many clients compare products or services from different competitors and form opinions that can potentially improve or harm a business. The entrepreneur suggests that you should strive to stay ahead of your competitors in terms of quality since many clients value superior products.

4.     Intent

When customers want to buy from you, you need to act fast before they change their mind. If you are running a store, ensure that you don’t run out of stock since some individuals might claim refunds or post negative reviews. On the other hand, the customer service team should handle customers with respect to feel connected to the business.

5.     Purchase

Every seller feels great after a customer makes a deal. However, things might go wrong if a buyer is limited to a few payment processors or inefficient payment systems. If you are running an online business, it is essential to integrate your platform with various e-wallets and other major banking services to minimize complaints.

6.     Loyalty

Customer loyalty is directly affected by the quality of service that you offer since high satisfaction levels tend to create repeat clients. It would be best if you made follow-ups after each purchase so that the marketing team can analyze customer satisfaction levels. The customer service team can periodically contact satisfied clients, notifying them of promotions to trigger more purchases. Lastly, you might create a referral system with great bonuses so that your clients can inform their colleagues about your product.


People in business that employ such strategies are usually a step ahead since they tend to have strong bonds with their customers. Strong relationships maximize sales and attract new prospects. As a result, such businesses tend to generate more revenue and command a significant market share.

Herman Kariuki
Herman Kariukihttps://khermani.com
Herman Kariuki is an internet marketing genius, specializing in growth hacking and untraditional marketing strategies. He has helped more than 3,000 clients scale their personal brands and businesses with his agency Khermani Media, assisting them with lead generation, social growth, and press in top publications. Herman has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on digital advertising, allowing him and his clients to truly thrive within the online space.

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