Here’s how Motivated & Passionate Herman Became an Expert in the Field of Online Marketing

Online Marketing plays a big role in connecting marketers to customers across the globe. The advantage of using the web is that it is borderless with few restrictions, and it allows people from different parts of the world to trade without meeting in person. Herman Kariuki got interested in I.T. and online marketing when he was working at a law firm in the U.S. He discovered that the digital age has brought many tools that help attorneys and other professions get customers and outsource some services with little investment. While at the firm, Herman learnt that most clients retrieved the company’s contact information from digital platforms such as Facebook and blogs. This discovery changed the way he viewed the web and inspired him to take a course in Business Information Technology. He started his own company with a strong online presence, and most of his clients come from online marketing funnels. He has also gone a step further by pursuing a web design course that has imparted him with vital I.T. skills to help startups create their own website and market products online.

Online marketing is different from other marketing techniques since it is highly effective, provided the marketer uses appropriate tools, and targets the right population. Some tools that you might use in internet marketing include pay per click, social media marketing, blogging, and much more. Successive online advertising campaigns increase web traffic, improving organic ranking on major search engines, including Bing and Google. Higher ranking means that the site is visible to many online users and their chances of visiting it is higher. Therefore, online marketing maximizes return on investment since it because more prospects than traditional methods of advertisement.

The advent of the internet has made the planet a global village in that one can sale products online and get paid online. Thanks to modern internet-enabled devices, Herman sees the web as a tool to reach a wide audience since many people are getting connected. Latest models of hand-held gadgets are highly portable and they allow people to access online stores, blogs, social networks, and other key digital platforms. Businesses that tap the potential of internet marketing can sell in multiple countries with the help of courier services, which enables small farms to enter new markets and compete effectively with multinational corporations.

Another advantage of internet marketing is the ability to run campaigns 24/7 and reach customers across the planet. Many countries have different time zones that affect most businesses. However, running online ads is advantageous since they can be displayed throughout the day to reach people from different countries depending on their time zone. Therefore, firms can use the technique to create brand awareness in different geographical areas and trigger the demand for their goods or services.

In terms of building relationships, internet marketing helps businesses bond with their customers and increase satisfaction levels.  Sellers can create a database to store details of their clients and use the information to make follow-ups. Additionally, they can create an email list, a powerful marketing tool since it can be used to update clients regarding new products, coupons, and discounts. Constant interaction between businesses and clients builds trust and stimulates customers to make more purchases.

Nowadays, many people purchase products online, and most of them perform online searches to get more information about various brands before picking the one that seems to meet their requirements. Blogs are important internet marketing tools since they provide a deep insight into a product or service. Such information helps a prospect make a sound judgment before buying an item. Products whose information is readily available in many blogs appear legit because users can read its advantages, disadvantages, and customer reviews. Bloggers that provide such information can earn commissions through referral but the sellers benefit more since they get more clients and maximize returns. Therefore, blogs act as an online knowledge base that helps businesses create brand awareness and increase profits.

Herman Kariuki
Herman Kariuki
Herman Kariuki is an internet marketing genius, specializing in growth hacking and untraditional marketing strategies. He has helped more than 3,000 clients scale their personal brands and businesses with his agency Khermani Media, assisting them with lead generation, social growth, and press in top publications. Herman has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on digital advertising, allowing him and his clients to truly thrive within the online space.

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