Fear will keep you from living the life you dream of

William Shakespeare once said, “In time, we hate that which we often fear. “Fear is an idea creping experience-crushing success -staling inhibitor inflicted only by yourself’ Stephanie Melish, Often Described as False Evidence Appearing Real will keep you from living your dream if you don’t combat it,

Back in the days at school, watching debates was the most amazing time of the week. We had debate sessions every Thursday and Saturday, and I always enjoyed the torn and pride these senior candidates portrayed at these powerful debates. It was my dream to stand at the front and also show my skills which I skeptically trusted because of the fear I had of crowds and phobia of speaking to a large audience and noticing that all attention had been turned to me, for that matter, all I did was practice solely, talking to an invisible crowd and then, just then I imagined crowds cheering me, giving me a round of applause, lifting me up in high spirits and that was a satisfying imagination as it could get.

“Paw, paw paw,” a sound of hands clapping is what I heard on one of my solo fields out debate speech practice nights, and I wondered where it was coming from. On the turn of the head were my two best friends, who I learned had been sitting in hiding quietly listening to my confident presentation to the bush. No sooner had I finished the last remark than they came out of hiding, clapping in my direction” wow! you’re a good debater. You should represent our house this weekend in the primaries,” said Monic. “Actually, you should be the speaker for the Public speaking competition this term for the lions club,” Pamela said. My head was nodding in disagreement with a wide smile on my face,” thanks, guys, but I cannot even stand Infront of class to present an assignment; how about in a hall full of people watching me?

How did you people even find me? You girls are stalkers,” I joked, and we all laughed,” I HAVE FEAR for crowds. I cannot! never!” I exclaimed. The preceding term, I had been called upfront to present my story assignment in the English language lessons by Mr. Tendo. At the sound of my name, fear struck, I got a sudden rash, and my legs wouldn’t support me. I stood up hesitantly from my desk, everyone was laughing and giggling at me, but I got the confidence to walk to the front of the class and had my assignment in hand. What happened next will surprise you,

My hands were sweating, and my shirt was suddenly wet in the back. What are you waiting for, Sarah? READ! Mr. Tendo commanded. I couldn’t even see the words I had written by myself. To my rescue, the midmorning bell sounded, and I was as if rescued from a predator ready to swallow me” Okay, time for breakfast. We start with you after break time,” Mr. Tendo said, looking at me angrily, and as such, fear of speaking in public kept me away from debates until I was done with school.

Many people had passed on with dreams as big as the universe, but because of fear of actualizing their dreams and phobia of taking on the mantle, everything that would have been goes to waste. Procrastination and disruptions are the temporal relief to fear of the actualization of dreams. Fear of failure is real. Creative minds are many with overflowing ideas, but the thought of failure at the end of the day kills the whole notion. The business idea and dream are created in the brain and killed there due to fear of the unknown. What if it fails? What if it isn’t perfect? How will my rich friends see me start a small shop? How can I be seen selling vegetables? All these questions go through your head YET; this could be a steppingstone for you to become the best vegetable seller in the region or best retailer after a certain time.

In conclusion, therefore, fear will only keep you from living the life you dream of if you let it.

Herman Kariuki
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