Khermani is a platform that empowers entrepreneurs across the globe by providing them with knowledge and mentorship to help them grow their businesses. Knowledge is one of the key resources that various professions need to improve their competitiveness and maximize returns. The platform has educational resources that help entrepreneurs gain a deep insight into their industry to make intelligent decisions and overcome various corporate challenges. The platform targets startups, independent journalists, and investors running both large and small businesses.

For Proffesionals

We understand that most of your activities have been affected by the pandemic. If you need some advice or information about critical recovery measures, kindly login to contact experts in your field. We have a massive knowledge base related to online marketing that you might use to boost your sales while observing COVID-19 prevention measures.

For Managers

Many firms take some cost-cutting measures such as downsizing and closing unprofitable production lines to minimize losses during hard financial times. However, such actions have negative implications in terms of public image since employees who lose their job feel that they are being victimized. As a result, some of them can file lawsuits or use social media to tarnish the company’s image, leading to losses. At Khermani, we help managers resolve such issues and create a win-win situation.

For Startups

The platform’s support team gives startups inspiration and appropriate guidance essential in building brand image and growing customer base. Our philosophy is that a beginner does not need millions to create a multi-million company. We can help you start a business with minimal resources or suggest alternative ideas that need a small budget. If you don’t have some financial management skills, our experts can help you estimate costs and avoid cash flow problems.

For Independent Journalists
We have a list of many successful startups you might be interested in investigating and creating a story. If you run a business magazine, we suggest that you contact our marketing team to help you identify profitable brands and get the founders’ contact details.

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